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1 grip formula, 2 ways

Spray -or-

Spray our grip formula onto
your soles


Use our wipes,
infused with
our formula

*Either option enhances grip by 25%+

4.82 | 100+

USA Fencing

USA Fencing Parafencing logo

USA Fencing

USA Fencing, the national governing body of fencing in the United States, has taken a leap into the future by signing a landmark partnership with Edge® Spray.

“Fencing is a sport of precision and balance,” says Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Fencing. “Having a reliable grip is paramount. Our partnership with Edge® Spray underlines our commitment to providing our athletes with the best possible conditions to excel in their sport. This isn't just about performance — it's about safety, and we're excited to introduce this technology to our athletes.”



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