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"Proven 25% improvement in shoe grip during athletic activity"
"Like actually transforms the rubber in your sneaker soles"
"It’s truly amazing how it absorbs and dries in seconds"
"What sets EDGE apart is just how fast it enhances your shoe grip"
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDGE®?

EDGE® is a new scientific breakthrough in athletic performance. Athletes simply spray their sneaker outsoles with EDGE® right before beginning activity to enhance grip. The benefits are improved agility, crisper cuts, and better protection against injuries.

How does EDGE® work?

Even brand new rubber sneaker outsoles are subject to oxidation and hardening, which means they’re not optimally grippy. EDGE®’s formula works by safely elasticizing the rubber in your outsoles, which instantly makes them more grippy on-demand. The improved grip is most noticeable on smooth indoor athletic surfaces like hardwood.

How do I use EDGE®?

Simply apply just enough EDGE® to cover your sneaker outsoles (avoid getting any on the floor), wait 10 seconds for it to begin absorbing into the rubber, and then kick your shoes against the floor on the sidelines a few times to lock in the enhanced grip. The effect will last for hours, but it’s most noticeable within the first 10 minutes. Many athletes choose to reapply EDGE® during breaks because it’s so easy, dries fast, and has an instant effect. Note, the more you use EDGE®, the longer your outsole enhancement will last, because there is a cumulative effect.

Why should I use EDGE®?

Athletes use it to help with crisper cuts, agility, footwork, speed, and control. Generally speaking, athletes use EDGE® to enhance performance.

Which activities can I use EDGE® for?

EDGE® is most commonly used for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, fencing, boxing, table tennis, squash, racquetball, indoor soccer (futsal), indoor hockey, dance, and other activities that take place on smooth indoor athletic surfaces such as hardwood floors.

Who should be using EDGE®?

Without EDGE®, the natural oxidation and hardening of your rubber sneaker outsoles leads to suboptimal grip, even with the best and newest sneakers. Our view is that any athlete looking for optimal performance, whether it be at the pro, college, high school, or recreational levels, should be using EDGE® on-demand.

Which surfaces does EDGE® work best on?

EDGE®'s effect is most noticeable on smooth hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, or vinyl, but you can use EDGE® anywhere you use shoes.

Will EDGE® work on dusty courts and surfaces?

Yes, EDGE® can help you improve your footing and grip, even on suboptimal indoor athletic surfaces like dusty courts.

Does EDGE® work on foam outsoles like Under Armour’s Flow / Curry FloTro?

EDGE works by quickly absorbing into rubber and improving the outsole’s natural grip and elasticity. Foam outsoles, like UA Flow / Curry FloTro, are NOT rubber and are actually a plastic that is designed to imitate rubber. That is why this material is very light, making it a great sneaker but incompatible with EDGE’s formula.

If you are unsure whether your sneaker has a rubber outsole or not, send us the name of the sneaker and/or a picture to and we will do our best to help!

How effective is EDGE®?

EDGE® has been thoroughly tested by athletes at the pro, college, and high school levels, across several different sports and sneaker types. In controlled lab testing, EDGE®’s formula increases the friction coefficient (grip) of athletic sneaker outsoles by about 25% on average. Note, it's only recommended for sneakers with rubber outsoles.

How much should I spray each time?

About 2-4 sprays will usually coat each outsole adequately. The goal is to evenly coat the entirety of both outsoles. Avoid getting any of it on the floor.

How long will one application of EDGE® work for?

One application of EDGE® can enhance grip for hours, but the effect is most noticeable within the first 15 minutes. Since it’s so fast and easy to use (dries in under a minute), many athletes re-apply it during breaks to truly maximize grip for the entire session. Your sneaker outsoles will cumulatively maintain more grippiness as you continue using EDGE® over several sessions. Note, results may vary from shoe to shoe.

How long will one bottle of EDGE® last me?

Our 2oz version lasts for about 60 sessions and our 4oz bottle lasts for about 120 sessions.

Is EDGE® safe for my sneakers?

EDGE® interacts with the rubber in your outsoles to create a softer, grippier material, without breaking down the surface of the rubber. It’s been tested on hundreds of sneakers for several years without any damage or negative impact. In fact, EDGE® increases the longevity of your sneakers by extending the viability of your outsoles. And if any of it happens to land on the body of your sneaker, that's totally fine too. Just avoid getting it on the floor and only use it on sneakers with rubber soles.

Is EDGE® safe for me and the environment?

EDGE®’s safety profile is the most important component of our proprietary formula. It meets the EPA’s Safer Choice standards, which is an exceptionally high bar in terms of non-toxicity and safety. EDGE® is formulated with an alcohol-free, biodegradable green solvent that is VOC-exempt which makes it safe for your shoes, lungs, skin, and just as importantly, your pets, and our planet as well.

What should I do if my bottle spills?

If your bottle of EDGE spills, first soak up any excess liquid with paper towels or a rag. Then, you can use a small amount of water or cleaning solution with a fresh rag to clean up any residue that is remaining.

Is EDGE® legal to use in my league?

Using EDGE® complies with NBA and NCAA guidelines, which translates to most other leagues globally. If your league has any questions, have them email for more information.

Do you provide free shipping? What is your shipping policy?

We currently offer free standard 6-10 day shipping within the U.S. and express shipping options from our headquarters in New York. Tracking info is sent via email once your order has shipped.

What is your return policy?

Our mission is to help athletes perform at their best without any limitations and we take that very seriously.

If you run into any issues, please email us at so that we can address your concerns immediately.

If we are unable to help you and you’re ultimately dissatisfied with our product within 30 days of purchase, we’ll ask for your candid feedback and provide you with a full refund minus any applicable shipping charges.

Is EDGE® available in my state?

EDGE® is available to ship within the continental United States and Canada. If you are interested in EDGE® outside of our core markets, please email for more information.



Begins drying in seconds


Increase grip by up to 25%


Prevent slips and falls


Preserve sneaker quality


Dries without stickiness or residue


Grip without dust pickup


Meets EPA Safer Choice standards

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