1 grip formula, 2 ways

Spray -or-

Spray our grip formula onto
your soles


Use our wipes,
infused with
our formula

*Either option enhances grip by 25%+

4.82 | 100+


EDGE® empowers athletes to play at their peak, no matter the court, sneaker, or sport. We strive to partner with athletes and organizations that share our vision.

  • City is Mine
    City is Mine
  • Nike Pro City NYC
    Nike Pro City NYC
  • Miami Pro League
    Miami Pro League
  • Toronto Pro Am
    Toronto Pro Am
  • USA Fencing
    USA Fencing
  • Pure Sweat Basketball
    Pure Sweat Basketball
  • Dane Hillis
    Dane Hillis
  • DeSoto Lady Eagles
    DeSoto Lady Eagles
  • Destiny Howell
    Destiny Howell
  • Jacob Falko
    Jacob Falko
  • Kennady McQueen
    Kennady McQueen
  • Allexia Barros
    Allexia Barros
  • Halle Nelson
    Halle Nelson
  • Demonte Flannigan
    Demonte Flannigan
  • Jordan
    Jordan “The GREMLIN”
  • LMC Athletics
    LMC Athletics
  • Supreme Hoops Training
    Supreme Hoops Training
  • SneakerWeb

  • SleeperBear
  • Binghamton University
    Binghamton University
  • DriftyJay

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