1 grip formula, 2 ways

Spray -or-

Spray our grip formula onto
your soles


Use our wipes,
infused with
our formula

*Either option enhances grip by 25%+

4.82 | 100+
Sneaker Grip Bundles
Sneaker Grip Bundles
Sneaker Grip Bundles
Sneaker Grip Bundles

Sneaker Grip Value Bundle

EDGE®'s formula instantly enhances sneaker sole grip for indoor athletes.

  • Multiple bundle options that include both sprays & wipes

  • Safely enhance the chemical elasticity of rubber sneaker soles

  • Improve agility & acceleration; counter dusty courts

  • Dries fast without stickiness or dust pickup

  • Non-toxic and safe for shoes & the environment

  • Results may vary across shoes; use on rubber outsoles only

  • Sneaker Grip Season Bundle Season Bundle - $64.99 $90.00 15 Wipes + 4oz Spray
  • Sneaker Grip Travel Bundle Travel Bundle - $79.99 $105.00 30 Wipes + two 2oz Sprays
  • Sneaker Grip Variety Bundle Variety Bundle - $114.99 $140.00 30 Wipes + 4oz and 2oz Sprays
  • Sneaker Grip Value Bundle Value Bundle - $149.99 $195.00 30 Wipes + 15 Wipes + 4oz & two 2oz Sprays
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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Randford Brooks
Hidden Gems Showcase

I heard nothing but positive reviews from the players all day about how great the product was and the amount of traction that it produced.

Adarsh Subra
Really works

Love the product. The traction really works.


My daughter loves it! Will be purchasing more . The only thing I will have to say is that’s a little pricey so we had to sparingly use it. If it was a little bit cheaper, we would use them more often thus would purchase more faster.

Debby Scro

We love EDGE! My husband is a CYO Basketball Coach for my son’s 6th grade team St Rose. He’s been using the spray on all the boys sneakers throughout the season. This has been a great help for the boys this season. It definitely helps give them more traction. You can see we keep buying bottles!! lol

Brooke Shipbaugh
Significant grip

My son is a basketball player and likes the wipes a lot. He says they help the grip on his shoes significantly.

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